We teach “Tango de Salón”. It is the heart and the spine of Argentine Tango. All the history and its evolution lies in it, all the way from its birth, the two times it died and the best times it had until the present day. We help you to get to the great fun. Our focus lies on passion, pleasure, walking all the phases of every single step, musicality, improvisation and the private, energetic and elastic embrace.

We teach in Class, Private lesson and Practica.
Please contact us for special arrangements, we are flexible and creative.


In the 18th district of Vienna which is called “Währing”.
Mostly but not only at Gentzgasse 140.

Public transport: S45 (Schnellbahn), 10A (Bus) Station “Gersthofer Platz” only one block to walk.
Public transport: 40, 41, 9 (Tram) Station “Weinhauser Gasse” right in front of the entry.
Taxi: In Herbeckstrasse only two blocks to walk, or call 0043 1 31300 or 0043 1 60160 or 0043 1 40100.
Citybike: 26 bikes in Simonygasse just around the corner.
Car: gps 48.23020 16.33194. Free parking in the area after 19:00 except in Simonygasse. You can find the most recent parking-rules at wien.at.
Bicycle stand: In front of the door.


Please consult our events-calendar and send us an email if you want to receive our regular newsletter.


Indeed! We know the young lady and her parents since a long time and we have seen her looking after children responsibly, warmhearted and kind. She is also trained and has an official certificate. All that for a moderate price. Just explain date, time and the age of your children, as well as where they should be looked after to babysitter@eltango.at.


Yes, if you are a student younger than 27. Please refer to our events-calendar for the prices.


English, German, Viennese, Italian.


Do I need one? Well, yes and no. There is lots of work we can do on our own getting prepared for the wonderful Tango-experience, so it makes sense learning on your own, but Tango is a partner dance after all. If you want to have fun, you will need a partner. If you don’t have one drop us a line and we will put you on a list.


The first thing you might want to buy is a pair of shoes, but you can start with any shoes with clean leather soles. We try to dress nicely and we are groomed, that’s all.

Please send us an email if you are interested or if you have questions!