Who we are

Michael H. Fischer

Founder and Director of eltango.at
Founder and President of the association behind tango.univie.ac.at

Social dancer and teacher of Tango de Salón

Michael H 

… with my beloved wife, my partner in life and Tango – Laura.

At first I came for the beautiful women smelling nice and making themselves comfortable in my embrace and I stayed for being able to express my passion for love, life and the Tango music with Laura.

Over the years my Tango has been deeply influenced by my teachers  Sebastian Arce,  Laila Rezk & Leandro Oliver, Silvio La Via, our regular local professional teachers Rosa Ginger Berg and the couple Maria Casán & Pablo Ávila, as well as their teachers Carlos Perez,  Virginia Gomez & Christian Marquez, Gabriel Angio & Natalia Games, Sabrina & Ruben Veliz.

Laura Fischer

Social dancer and assistant teacher of Tango de Salón

LauraD'Agostino in Fischer
Laura Fischer

Maiden name D’Agostino. My wife, my wonderful partner in life and Tango. It started with passion for dancing Tango and evolved in passion for each other and the Tango and its Music.

Laura is also working with Tangueras in private-sessions on fitness and specific workout.