Most cordial thanks to

Marius Spannbauer

for shooting the most important Tango picture for my wife and myself at ““. Marius and his wife Herta are also running the “Tangobar Vienna Milonga” since – well – I think it was always there. It is a strong backbone and a stable pillar to the Tango location Vienna. Just look at all the other pictures he made over the years for ourself!

Rebecca Fischer BA MA

And her enterprise for translation “” for occasional proof-reading and translating on a voluntary basis.

Mr. Matzka

HAM Vienna Photos” For the beautiful studio Tango photos he took. You can find them on lots of posts online and flyers, invitations.

Otto Eder

For the great Tango-Magazine “El Tango“. The Title is a name twin to our Tango-project ““. One of only two Tango-print-media in the entire german speaking world.

Jens Weidner

For two of our most precious Tango memories wrapped in videos.